Super 8, 2017.

Co-directed with Chelsy Mitchell, screened at Cannes Film Festival 2017 with Straight8 London.
Drawing influences from Kurt Vonnegut, as well as the current and historical political climate on women, this short film portrays a series of missed messages from a nameless young woman drunk dialing her representatives.


Super 8, 2016.

Men look at women, women watch themselves being looked at.


Video, 2015.

A trip into homeostasis.


16mm, 2014.

Bolex H16, in-camera edit. Loosely influenced by Samuel Beckett's play, 'Not I'.

Leggy Redhead Reprise

Video, 2010 & 2017.

An androgynous young man explores his sexuality within the safe confines of his own apartment and video camera.